Matthew Keezer



To obtain a summer 2017 internship for software development that involves working on databases, intelligent algorithms, data visualization or machine learning aimed at processing large amounts of data or enhancing user experience.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA, USA

2014 - May 2017

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

GPA: 3.47


Software Lead Robojackets IGVC

Github Repository

Fall 2014-current

  • Led large software team and maintained github repository for 300lb autonomous robot
  • Wrote framework in C++ to detect obstacles using LIDAR and cameras with computer vision techniques for detecting white lines, circles, and flags on a grassy field later combined into a point-cloud for A* path-finding
  • Used ROS (Robot Operating System) for robot module communication, 3D simulation, and dashboard plugins


Undergraduate Research - Argo

Private Gatech Repository

Fall 2015-current

  • Created webapp that lets users find relevant apps/music/media with a web-app powered using flask to combine a front-end three.js WebGL graph and back-end python that uses SQL commands to filter through the database and then process the results in order to intuitively display media to the used based on relations between the media.
  • Designed and developed the database, created a basic GUI and visualization, and combined them using flask to produce a working three.js force-directed graph of nodes retrieved from the database.

Junior Design Project - Active Learning

Fall 2016-current

  • Worked with a group of 5 using AGILE techniques to produce a webapp that allows professors to create and format interactive questions given to students during class who can then view their results with interactive statistics online
  • Used MySQL, javascript, python, and flask to create a database and GUI for creating/storing interactive questions

Mobius Tunes

Github Repository

Fall 2015 Hack GT

  • Created a python app based off of infinite jukebox where mp3 files in a playlist are analyzed at byte level using the FFT algorithm to find moments in the songs can be broken apart and stitched together to create an infinite song

Trip Planner Webapp

Github Repository

Summer 2016

  • Created a flask website using MySQL, python, and javascript in order to display mock data on a mock website

ML Clustering Analysis

Github Repository

Summer 2015

  • Performed unsupervised clustering analysis on the past 5 years of the fortune 500 companies using yahoo stocks

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Github Repository

Summer 2016

  • Analyzed and plotted two or more hashtags and rated which had more positive words or negative words.

MULE Software Development Project

Github Repository

Fall 2015

  • Used AGILE development with a team of 5 throughout a semester to recreate an old Atari game in JavaFX


Intern - Lab Engineer

06/2015 to 08/2015


Duluth, GA

  • Deployed and maintained telecom software onto client servers and databases
  • Worked in the lab on servers remotely and on-site which involved creating hosts and worker nodes for software such as a mobile application that uses audio fingerprinting to interface with TV streams.
  • Worked with bash scripting and d3.js to create a log scraper that visualizes incoming bit rates

Intern - Web Developer

09/2013 to 02/2014

ResiliEnt Business Solutions

Alpharetta, GA

  • Created and completed a business website for a client using wordpress, MySQL, ftp
  • Edited back-end Javascript and CSS files to revamp the look and feel of the template design






  • Machine Learning
  • Databases
  • Intro to AI




  • Intro to Java
  • Datastructures and Algorithms
  • Software Development


Databases (MySQL/SQLite)


  • Databases


Machine Learnine


  • Machine Learning

Web Scraping


  • Undergraduate Research - Argo (Fall 2015-current)